SOS VIII: Tracking human and animals


5 days

Course fees

Fr. 850.-/€ 710


Course management, cooking equipment

Not included

Meals (approx. Fr. 50/€ 40), travel to and from the course location

Group size

approx. 3 - 8 participants


SOS I: Survival Basic Training


  • DE Wed – Sun 15 – 19 June 2022 Over


We delve into the different gaits and footprints of our native animal species and humans. A good tracker works with all senses:

- Feeling with the fingers when the trail is difficult to light during the day and night,
- Smelling the odor at the entrance of a burrow or the loose,
- Hearing and interpreting sounds,
- Seeing inconspicuous tracks, blinking the eyes of a mouse, "seeing" lost hairs.

We will use bait to "catch" tracks of individual animals. We will engage in concentric rings and the art of concentration of tracking.